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Editor"s Note: China Daily reporters interviewed three consumers born in the 1990s to find out their demands, habits and skills for consumption in different aspects varying from traveling to accessories, as well as their financial plans.

Zhao Qianyun, 27, graduated from Syracuse University in the US in 2014 and is an administration specialist at Channel Advisor, a foreign company with an office in Shanghai. Monthly salary: 9,000 yuan ($1,356)

I buy some of my clothes from Taobao stores ... owned by some internet celebrities because of the fashionable style and the low price. I could wear them for one season or two. I also would choose some light luxury clothes" brands such as Sandro, Maje and Acne Studios because I like high quality and good texture outerwear and knitwear, which I wear for a long time.

The products need to be practical and within my purchasing capacity. I am never blindly following other people"s tastes. I have my own style and taste, and most of the time I am a rational consumer.

I do buy some luxury brands, such as Chanel or Dior, but only bags and shoes. Sometimes I buy their accessories as well. In general, I can afford one bag or one pair of luxury shoes in one year, and the reason for me to buy these is because they can be used for most occasions and are very eye-catching.

My way to save money is to buy most of the light luxury products overseas. There are many international websites that ship directly from Europe, and the price is much lower than here. The only disadvantage is the inconvenience of trying on or returning.

I also registered with membership cards and use group buying coupons in daily life.

I am living in a city center apartment that was purchased by my parents. I don"t have the burden of a loan. My requirements of living are a home near my workplace and in the city center, where it is convenient for dining and shopping.

I don"t pay much attention to food. I eat at cheap restaurants that serve delicious food and also go to find dining restaurants. It is not what I am focusing on.

Overseas travels will be my first option, and I would like to go to the beach and live in a light luxury hotel to spend a vacation.

I don"t have a plan of saving money because I don"t need it yet, and also, I know I cannot.

Liu Shiyun, 26, married, graduated from Shanghai University in 2014, is a teacher in a key middle school in Jing"an District, Shanghai. Monthly salary: 6,500 yuan

I usually choose the original clothes that are designed and manufactured for exporting. The style and quality is the same as many designer brands, but the price is much lower. I also like to shop online from stylish web celebrities" stores. I am focusing on the style and quality of a product.

I have a strong sense to save money. I don"t want to spend any coin on unnecessary things. In general, I love shopping overseas because the prices are lower - snacks, clothes, or some daily necessities. I also applied for many luxury brands" sales events, and in general, these events will be held twice a year.

Also, whenever I go traveling outside the country, I would buy a lot of duty-free cosmetics and skincare products because these products are the cheapest in duty-free stores.

To save money, I choose to transfer part of my salary into Yu"ebao, a personal investment service provided by Alipay, and I am watching the interest rate of each bank and deposit my money into the bank with a higher rate.

I am living with my parents, so I don"t need to worry about the rent. I care (about) the quality of my living space. It doesn"t need to be in the city center because we have a car, but it needs to be large and comfortable enough.

I spend a lot on food and always follow some official accounts" recommendations on WeChat. On average, I spend 100-200 yuan per meal. On anniversary or special days, I also go to an expensive restaurant to spend around 800 yuan per meal but that is very rare.

For traveling, I choose five-star hotels as they maintain very high standards. I like to sleep well and eat well, which I think are important to making a trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Our generation, born in the late 1980s and early 1990s, are not into extravagance. We use money in a rationally way. What"s important is that we believe in "How much could you afford?" than "How much should you spend?"

Liu Shang, 26, graduated from the University of Oregon in the US in 2015, is the director of business operations of a headhunter in Beijing. Monthly salary: 10,000 yuan

I don"t care much about clothes, and my only requirement is that they should be comfortable. I used to buy brands like CK or Boss when I studied in the US. After coming back, I prefer low-priced Western brands such as Zara.

However, I"d like to buy some bags or accessories of luxury brands for my mother and girlfriend. It seems that they care more about this.

Even though I don"t care about my daily clothing, I spend a lot on my hobby. I love sports. Every week my friends and I will rent a place to organize a basketball or football game. It costs around 800 yuan each time, and we split the cost together. I also love the snooker pool. I could spend one afternoon on playing snooker, and the cost is around 50 yuan per hour.

The cost of the place is only a partial cost and the costliest things I buy are sports equipment and outfits, for which I choose the top brands and even luxury brands because I want the best. Therefore, on average, I spend 2,000 yuan on my hobby every month.

Regarding saving money, I am not very good at it. But I always ask my friend who is still overseas to bring me some clothes or products, which have good quality and deserve the high price. Also, I am planning to study MBA in the US by the end of this year and I will stock up some apparel by then.

I am working in Beijing, and I share a rented apartment with two other friends. The monthly rent is around 3,500 yuan. It is not a very expensive apartment, but I don"t care much about the apartment.

I prefer some delicious food with a relatively high quality, such as Guangdong cuisine, Japanese and Korean cuisine, the local food and also some Western food. Each meal costs about 200 to 300 yuan per person on average.

For traveling, I would choose the routes that I am really interested in. If I go to the beach, I would choose some luxury hotels, but while going to Tibet, I prefer a road trip. To see the most beautiful scenery is the key, no matter the standard of living facilities and food.

My generation doesn"t care how much we could earn in the future. We might pay more attention to self-realization and choose to live happily.