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Traffic authorities in Handan, Hebei province, are promoting a special dance to help the public obey traffic rules, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

Dozens of uniformed 10-year-old children dance to music with two policewomen on the zebra crossing in front of parked cars when the light turns red in Lianfang Street.

Publicity section chief, surnamed Cai, of the Zhuhe Brigade of Handan Public Security Bureau said that the brigade created the "wait for traffic lights dance" in cooperation with a local dance school.

"Children dance for 50 seconds on each zebra crossing and will move to another one when the green light is on," Cai said.

The police stand beside the children while they dance to protect their safety.

Cai said that Handan has launched an initiative to create a national civilized city. The Zhuhe Brigade promotes the dance to cultivate courtesy.

Some internet users criticized that it affects traffic and is unsafe for children to dance on the zebra crossings.

Cai assures that the traffic police make gestures to cars to get the drivers to pay attention to the children, and the dance does not impact traffic.

However, currently the dance is suspended due to the hot weather. The authority will decide whether to continue such activities in the future.